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• 12/9/2015

The Forum Section

Hello there my non existent community just wanted to let you guys know that there is a forum section here now so you can ask any questions, chat etc. here.

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• 1/9/2016

This forum is about to get well-known! Sorry I took years to get to this but with me reviewing the Nage Libre SNES with my video editing skills now, you are about to be amazed. I'm not famous tho but this year I am getting things like Nage Libre and the Famicom Detective Club games a lot more popular than it was before at least. Its Denoxkun! 

• 1/11/2016

Oh I see that is great to hear! looking forward to it and great to see ya here. Ah is okay yeah it did take a few years Lol back when i first made this wiki I was way younger hehe. This place looks a whole lot better since then I added a new background and everything and improved the home page slightly not sure what else I wanna put there. Hmm once you make that review video if you don`t mind maybe we can put it here on the home page or something as a feature video

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