Nage Libre Random Card

The ??? Card(???カード) is a card type from Nage Libre Seijaku no Suishin. Unlike other Cards this one too is differnt as it does not use a number in the upper left corner for the power and that the type of card it is is completely random. when used it will randomly pick a card and then that card will be used when used the card it chooses is very effective as the power is increased quite abit however this card shold not be relied on too much as the Cards it chooses might not be what the player need`s like for instance your low on HP and need an HP Card the ??? Card may not choose what is needed.


  • This card cannot be bought in the shop.
  • Although it picks Cards at random it is possible to have minor control over which card is picked. If you for instance pick a HP Card before picking this card then there is a high chance that the random card it picks will be an HP Card.