Himenoki Mai
CikRambutPink Potrait
Vital statistics
Game Nage Libre: Seijaku no Suishin
Starting Class Student
Joins In Mission 3
Starting HP 45
Level 1

Himenoki Mai (姫ノ木舞) is one of five characters from Nage Libre Seijaku no Suishin. She has a very child-like personality and is mostly happy and smiling. When not happy, often times she can be seen crying. Mai likes to refer to herself in third person at times calling herself "Mai Chan".

Character Stat Strong PointsEdit

Mai by far is the fastest of the five, and possesses the highest speed of the group. Her attack power is high and can even match or surpass that of Ayaka who is one of the hardest hitters in the team. Her amazing Speed allows her to strike first in most, if not all battles even if the player selects slow Cards. Mai's HP and defense are very fragile and although she is fast, she can be defeated very quickly by enemies who have a higher HP and defense threshold than she does. However despite her weak points she can be an effective boss slayer in the right spots due to her high points.