Saotome Mami


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Vital statistics
Game Nage Libre: Seijaku no Suishin
Class Boss
Appears In Mission 18, Mission 19, Extra Stage
Health 110
Level N/A
Birthstone Garnet

Saotome Mami(早乙女まみ) is a boss from Nage Libre Seijaku no Suishin. She is fought twice in the game, once in mission 18 and again in mission 19. She is the youngest and weakest boss encountered in the game. When first encountered in mission 18 she can be beaten with very little effort. When fought on the second encounter, she is slightly stronger and she has the ability to use magic to transform into a more mature looking form.

Best Way to DefeatEdit

In your first encounter with her, her stats are very low and she can be beaten in two or three strikes. However in the second encounter her stats are improved a bit and the best character to defeat her with is Ryoko. Use a Defense Card and she should not be able to damage her too much. An alternative is to use Yui. Because she has such high HP and attack, Mami will fall fast. Be aware and don`t underestimate Mami. If she happens to use a Special Card or high numbered Cards on you and if you have low HP she can become a very formidable foe.


Extra StageEdit

  • Birth Stone:Agate
  • Level:31
  • HP:171
  • Attack:68
  • Defense:64
  • Speed:50
  • MT30
  • Class:Boss

Extra Stage (Adult form)Edit

  • Birth Stone:Garnet
  • Level:31
  • HP:230
  • Attack:80
  • Defense:87
  • Speed:51
  • MT:36
  • Class:Boss