Saty full
Vital statistics
Game Nage Libre: Seijaku no Suishin
Class Boss
Appears In Mission 20, Extra Stage
Health 220
Level 34
Birthstone Amethyst

Saty(サティ) is a character from Nage Libre Seijaku no Suishin. She unlike many other bosses in the game is very kind and calm. She is nice enough to also heal whichever character you choose to fight her to full health before starting the battle. You can either decline or except this offer but it`s best to except it, especially if your HP is low.

Best Way to DefeatEdit

Saty is not too hard despite being the boss of mission 20. She can be defeated by any of your five characters. Be sure you except her offer to heal you before fighting her. When the battle starts, use any Defense Card you see to withstand her attacks because most likely whomever is fighting her will be fighing her alone until the others regroup. The stage Saty is located in is like a maze and you have to follow a certain path to get to her. Use a HP Card when needed and a Special Card or two won`t hurt either when fighting her. She appears one last time in the bonus stage and is much stronger this time. When fighting her on the bonus stage, she does not offer to heal your character prior to the battle and is much stronger than her first encounter.


Normal storyEdit

  • Level:34
  • Birth Stone:Amethyst
  • HP:220
  • Attack:64
  • Defense:56
  • Speed:47
  • MT:22
  • Class:Boss

Bonus StageEdit

  • Level:43
  • Birth Stone:Amethyst
  • HP:???
  • Attack:77
  • Defense:84
  • Speed:63
  • MT:36
  • Class:Boss